Getting Started


Hi There,

Here we will help you install PHPMyLicense.

First, of course, download the Software Package and License Certificate from CodeCanyon. You can found it in this page.

Then, unzip the file you just downloaded, and carefull take a look on the ReadMe.txt file. I promiss, is just a few words.

You'll need to upload only the /Application folder to your server. Be advised: some Linux enviroments when you unzip, get rid of the .htaccess file. Please check, is very important.

So, after upload all files, just hit and wait to PHPMyLicense process and take you to the Install Page. It looks just like this:

Then, press next and input your Purchase Code located in your License Certificate you downloaded in CodeCanyon Downloads Page.

After that, you will be taken to Requisite Veritication Page. PHPMyLicense needs some configurations and modules to be present in your server to work fine. And check the file and folder permissions too. If everything is black and avaiable, just click Next.

In the next page, you need to double check the Website URL and Full Installation Path. This is very important. But generally, PHPMyLicense don't mess up and fills with the correct information.

In the 5th page, is time to fill your Database Login Information. Create the database in your Server just the way you do normally, and then input the login informations prompted. Easy, right?

Click next when you done. At this time, PML will run all preinstall checks and ask you to confirm. Clicking next again, all the magic will be done, and in few seconds, PHPMyLicense will be installed.

After that, you will be prompted to Fill your personal informations to insert your Admin Account. Then, everything is good to go!

For security reasons, delete the Install Folder to avoid any problems, okay?

But, if you still have questions about Installing PHPMyLicense, watch this video:

If you have any other questions, open a ticket!


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